Meet Kiki


Kiki is a 53 year old woman who spent most of her life as a struggling entrepreneur in the health industry. Single mother of two, now adult children, she decided against all logic and reason to drop everything and hit the road in the old motor home she had purchased the previous year. She first traveled for 2 months from Alberta to British Columbia in Canada in the summer of 2016, and discovered a lifestyle she absolutely loved. She came back home long enough to liquidate everything, get all the paperwork and vaccinations done for herself, Patouffi, the gentle fluffy cat  and Marley the goofy beagle and off she drove into the sunset without much of a plan other than driving south.

For Kiki, being on the road is a pilgrimage, a journey of self-discovery, of transformation and growth that has no parallel. It is freeing and rewarding. It is a world of synchronicity, a reminder to be mindful. It is an opportunity for introspection, meditation and self-awareness.

I hope you will enjoy Kiki’s quirky sense of humor and unique perspective on life.