Finally here!

I left Calgary October 12 2016 and drove about 4,000 km with little stops and detours on the way. I finally crossed the Mexican border at Nogales, just south of Tucson, Arizona on November  1st, 2016.


Even though my trip started in Calgary, I feel that my journey is only starting now. Let me explain.

I drove through the States and stopped at Yellow Stone National Park on the way. I visited Little Big Horn Battlefield Monument which happened to be my route. I stayed in Boulder, Colorado for a workshop, pushed on to Tucson where I got my fridge repaired and finally crossed the border.

It was go-go-go all the way because of a schedule I had to keep. But once arrived in Mexico, I sought out a campsite with full hook-ups and, glory of glories: Wifi! I knew I was going to stay a while to rest from my long drive but when I actually stopped the truck and stayed for a night or two, it hit me like a bus: the physical aches and pains of my partially healed extruded disc that had me off work for over a year, the fatigue of the drive and most of all, the stress of the pressure I had put on myself to be road ready in less than 6 weeks from the moment I decided to start this endeavor. 6 weeks of selling everything, getting all my travel documents and vaccinations done for myself and the pets, to hand out my resignation at work and finalize a few other things. It all hit me like a ton of bricks. I could barely get out of bed in the morning I was in so much pain. Then I would look balefully at the calendar not ready for my departure date – this was the sign that I needed to stay at the campsite longer.

I paid for another week and what a difference. I rebuilt myself physically and mentally, I started to be more active, visiting the adjacent little town and finally get to what I had intended to do when I chose this campsite, work on the internet!

I have to say this place is a piece of paradise. I am in the Old Bahia de Kino, the first resort south of the border in the State of Sonora. It really is just a small village and the campsite is small and rustic, just the way I like them, with a wonderful and friendly staff.


Lo and behold but I find a spot right by the beach and my neighbors are French! I was to quickly discover that this camp is full of French people. Nadine and her husband John have become good friends. There is also Philippe and his wife Michele who now live here. Philippe is the campsite’s baker. Every Wednesday he makes french baguettes and pains-aux-raisins (grape buns – somehow doesn’t sound as appetizing). There is also Harvey and Linda from Edmonton! For Pete’s sake how far do I have to drive to get away from home?

I also met a French family of 5 who too are traveling to Argentina in a motor home that has been modified to accommodate 3 daughters and 2 parents in a 30 ft long rig!

So, as French people would do, we all sat around a long table under the hospitality of Philippe and Michele and ate and talked and enjoyed each other’s company for the good part of the afternoon.

Now the clock is ticking again and with my departure due for Friday morning, I am pushing myself to be a bit more productive:) When I visited Olivia and Michael’s rig, I loved the way they had decals of the map of the American Continent with dots showing their progress down the Pan American Highway. Their blog: is also well displayed and they have now over 200 followers from just driving around.

I had toyed with the idea of doing this before I left Calgary, but thought that as a single woman it might be unwise to advertise my whereabouts. However, after meeting with this family I changed my mind about this. The problem was that to make the decals take about one week and I had no intention of staying put in a city for that long so I thought that option was gone for me. But again fate smiled on me when I noticed a van being painted with dolphins. The owner tells me of his vision of having his motor home completely painted as if it was underwater and that right here in the village we have a person who draws free hand so well that he has acquired the nickname of the Michelangelo of Bahia de Kino! Ah Ha! I thought, here is my chance. Have Manuel come over my rig tonight I told Joe. That night I was on the computer, setting up this blog and getting ready to get my RV tatooed I call it!


It is so delightfully tacky – I love it! Plus it suits my personality (no, I’m not tacky! a bit eccentric that’s all:) and that of my old 1984 Ford Glendale truck! A perfect match!

The road is calling to me again, I am getting antsy and want my space. I am really enjoying the company of my new friends here at the Islandia campsite, but I miss the silence and solitude that make traveling so special, a meditation in motion.

Until next time my new road amigos! Please subscribe, tell your friends and add your comments:)

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Au plaisir de la route!

Kiki   november-2016

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